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Online roulette

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  1. ✔️ Benefits of online roulette
  2. 📝 Basic Rules
  3. 🎲 Many varieties of online roulette
  4. ⭕ How does online roulette work at a live casino?
  5. 📌 Strategies of the game
  6. 💡 Tips for Online Roulette

After the establishment of internet casinos, roulette became very popular in online mode. Since it is very easy and affordable to play online, this game that is a favorite of many people could not remain unnoticed. Online roulette at Canadian casinos is based on a computer algorithm that determines the outcome of the gameplay. Along with roulette operating on a random number generator, online casinos offer roulette variations with real croupiers in which the player enjoys a realistic atmosphere, watching the rotation of the wheel, and the movement of the ball in live mode. You should try Bet 99 roulette, because this site has an impressive collection of slots and live games and particularly many types of online roulette.


Benefits of online roulette

After the internet opened up new opportunities for gambling, roulette became available to an even wider group of players. Online casinos are using a huge number of varieties of roulette: users can choose American, European, French, and many other online roulette versions. All of them have a huge advantage compared to the games presented in land-based establishments. There, roulette largely depends on the laws of physics, accordingly, 100% honesty of the game is not guaranteed. The result can depend on the wheel's wear, inclination, or even the dealer's actions. Online casinos are not affected by such factors, since a random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the spin. The same applies to online games with live dealers, because in them the gambler controls every step of the game.

Another important advantage is that at online casinos there are no restrictions on the use of various strategies when playing roulette, so now we have a lot of systems used by gamblers to increase the chances of winning in this game. In land-based establishments, players may receive access restrictions, if the casino administration notices that they use a strategy. At online casinos, there is no such thing, and gamblers can use any betting system at their discretion.


Basic Rules 

Online roulette is a game based almost entirely on luck. The rules are very simple: you need to choose the bet size and which sector you want to place it on. Once all players have placed or declined their bets, the dealer will spin the wheel and you only need to wait for the result. Although it is a game of chance, it still has its own nuances. If you've never played Bet99 roulette before, the section below will help you get familiar with this game.

The first thing you need to do is to place a bet. Using the mouse you need to move chips with the necessary amount on the playing field.

Then the dealer will wait for all players to decide on their bets, for which he usually has a certain amount of time. Now he will throw the ball and the wheel will start spinning. 

Once the ball finally stops at a certain number, the dealer will announce the result of the drawing. If you won, then your account will immediately be increased, but if you lost, then the chips will go into the hands of the casino. Depending on your bankroll and mood you can either repeat the bet or make any new bet.

The sectors on the table and the wheel are painted in two basic colors: red and black. Zero is marked in green and is taken out of the main grid. In this game of chance, there are two colors, and they are needed to bet on the so-called equal odds. Users can bet their money not only on the number, but also on the color. In this case, the probability of winning and losing is the same. 

If you divide all the numbers, it turns out that in the drawing 18 even and 18 odd symbols are involved. On the roulette wheel display, such a range of bets is denoted as even and odd. The player's goal remains the same: to guess the right sector on the wheel. 

Another solution is to bet on numbers from 1 to 18, which is positioned as betting on "less", or to bet your money on "more", from 19 to 36. Playing on the principle of equal odds, even and odd numbers, large and small is considered a classic and for beginners this is quite enough. In other variations, it is more difficult to calculate constant winnings, but you will learn it with experience. 


Many varieties of online roulette

As a result of the existence of online casinos, the competition between different software companies for creating many varieties of roulette was intense. That's why today's online casinos are filled with countless variations of classic roulette. Some of the most popular variations include: 

American Roulette

The main difference of this online roulette is the special structure of the wheel. Its circle has not 37, but 38 sectors. An additional slot is occupied by two zeros, due to which the game is sometimes called roulette with double zero. In other aspects, the system of this online roulette is the same as in other versions.

French Roulette

This option is often associated with the Monte Carlo Casino, where players are used to gambling. As the name implies, this game originated in France and gained popularity after the French Revolution. Its rules are almost identical to those of European roulette, but the indications on the playing field are written in French.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is very widespread at most online casinos. This version has a smaller number of numbers than the European and American versions. This version has only 13 numbers, from 0 to 12. Although its rules are generally identical to those of European roulette, its advantage still reaches almost 8 percent. 

Multiple Ball Roulette

If you're tired of playing roulette in its classic form, multiple-ball roulette will have a way to cheer you up a bit. As the name implies, the game is played using multiple balls. While some versions use 2 or 3, others use up to about 10. The table and the reel are the same as in European roulette. And since there is only one 0 in this game, the casino's advantage is only 2.7%.

Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is a progressive online roulette game that gives players the opportunity to earn even bigger winnings than the traditional version. Its wheel is comparable to the American roulette wheel. The difference is that you can make an extra bet to win the progressive jackpot!

Pinball roulette

On some websites you can find this type of roulette as well. The table format is the same as in European roulette, however, compared to all other versions, this one does not have a wheel cylinder into which you can place a ball. In fact, the winning number is determined by a pinball machine, which is quite strange, but on the other hand very entertaining. 


How does online roulette work at a live casino?

Live casino is a game session organized with the participation of real dealers. The game is streamed from a separate studio, or sometimes from a functioning land-based casino. The screen in front of the player shows the control buttons, a real table with a wheel, and the dealer himself. These are specially trained employees who know the rules, keep track of time of the session, and react to the actions of the client. In the online venues catalog, you can choose rooms with female dealers, as well as with male croupiers. 

The difference in live games is not only the presence of a real croupier. Here, spinning starts not by a software code, but by a real person, which adds some realism and helps everyone to feel that they are in a real gambling establishment. A casino visitor does not need to log in through the browser-based version of the casino to play online roulette. Providers are giving live casino software that supports smartphones and tablets. On the Bet99 website, you can play live games on both mobile devices and desktops. 

The participation of the real dealer in the spinning of the wheel makes some incredulous gamblers be skeptical about the fairness of such games. They would argue that the dealer can apply a different force, throw the ball at a certain angle and therefore affect its position in the sector grid. If you have doubts about the competence of the croupier, you can play online roulette slots, because they are based only on a random number generator. You can find a large number of these games at the great Canadian casino Bet99.


Strategies of the game 

The Martingale Strategy. The most popular and simple strategy is based entirely on betting on 1:1 rates (red/black, even/odd, first/second 18) and doubling the bet after a loss. Since the odds of winning in such bets are 50/50, it is assumed that with constant doubling all losses will be recovered after the first win. As part of this strategy, you need to follow the same bet, which means that if you choose red, bet only on red all the time. However, the problem is that even after five, six, seven, etc. spins, red may not come out, and you will simply run out of your money.

The D'Alembert Strategy. This is a low-risk strategy, the essence of which is to increase the bet by one after each loss and decrease it by one after each gain. As soon as the number of winnings equals or exceeds the number of losses, you should quit the game. If you lost a lot at the beginning, you should wait until the number of winnings increases. If the start was a winning streak, withdraw until the ratio of winnings to losses approaches to a 50/50 ratio.


Tips for Online Roulette

Online Roulette is a great game for those who want to find an interesting, but very simple game. You do not need to have any special knowledge or skills.

It is not worth playing roulette, if you are going to make it your main source of income. In this case, you can play poker, where you will compete with real opponents with your own strategy. In roulette, you are competing only with the casino, which will almost always have the advantage.

Increase your chances of winning with 1:1 bets. The payouts on them are small, but the risk is also low, so your winnings will be equal to or even exceed your losses.

The best online casinos allow you to play different versions of roulette. Try playing all types of Bet 99 roulette and decide which suits you best.

As with other casino games, you should first play roulette in demo mode and only then bet real money. Any self-respecting online casino will offer you to play the free version to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the game and its rules.


Make sure you use the bonuses, because roulette is an unpredictable game, and the extra money will help you follow some strategies and thereby increase your bankroll. That being said, you need to choose bonuses that are similar to your favorite type of Bet99 roulette. 

 For example, at Bet99 you can choose a live roulette bonus, which will bring you a $900 bonus on your first two deposits, and a nice gift for you of 9 additional free spins, where you can always win extra money. But, if you are a fan of live roulette, then Bet99 has prepared a great $200 bonus for you, which can be wagered at 100% on live Bet99 roulette tables and it shouldn't be that hard for you to beat.


What are the advantages of roulette at Bet99?

There are a huge number of varieties of roulette used in online casinos.
The random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the rotation.
In online casinos there are no restrictions on the use of various strategies when playing roulette.

What are the basic rules of playing roulette?

Online roulette is a game that is almost entirely based on luck. The rules are very simple: you need to choose the size of your bet and which sector you want to place it on. Once all players have made or rejected their bets, the dealer will spin the wheel and you just have to wait for the result.

What types of online roulette are there at Bet99?

American Roulette
French roulette
Mini roulette
Roulette with multiple balls
Roulette Royal
Pinball Roulette

Which type of roulette should you choose?

The best online casinos allow you to play different versions of roulette. Try all Bet99 roulette games and decide which one suits you best.

What are the most popular strategies in Bet99 online roulette?

Martingale strategy. The most popular and simple strategy is entirely based on 1:1 bets (red/black, even/odd, first/second 18) and doubling the bet after a loss.
D'Alembert's strategy. This is a low-risk strategy that involves increasing your bet by one after each loss and decreasing it by one after each win.

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