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Bet99 Baccarat

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  1. 📝 Rules of Baccarat
  2. 🎲 Types of Baccarat bets
  3. ⭕ Combinations
  4. ✔️ Features of online baccarat with a live dealer
  5. 💡 Online baccarat game strategy
  6. 📱 Online baccarat versions
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Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular table games, so it is widely available at most online casinos. Online baccarat attracts the attention of gamblers by its depth, simple rules, and lack of complex combinations to learn. The player chooses which mode to play, whether to spend personal money on the game or to try his hand in demo mode. A lot of Canadian players are more interested in playing in online mode with live dealers, as in this case, it is possible to personally monitor the whole process and communicate with a real croupier. At the gambling portal Bet99 you can enjoy a variety of baccarat machines, as well as enjoy baccarat with a live croupier. 


Rules of Baccarat

This popular gambling pastime with an extremely low entry threshold is accessible even to beginners, and learning the rules takes a very short time. The next game can be played almost all the time, as one draw lasts less than a minute. There is no single game strategy that can be used when playing online baccarat, but it is important to understand the rules well, which will also help you win money in this game.

The goal of the player is to get the highest number of points, using only 2-3 cards in the game. But it is not so simple, because there are other unusual conditions that must be considered. When the cards are dealt, a total sum of the combination must be within the allowable value of 9. If the player collects 7 points from the cards, and the dealer has only 5 or 6 points, the player wins the game.

Players in the game get 2 cards each, with the same number of cards being given to the dealer. If the gamers have 8 or 9 points in their hand, they automatically become winners and do not require the additional 3rd card to be dealt. If, however, the number of points is between 5 and 7, the player has the right to request the additional card. The dealer also takes an additional card, if necessary, which is the crucial one in this scenario. Whoever gets a bigger combination of cards, which is close to 8 points, wins the game. 

Playing Bet99 baccarat, you do not need to remember all these rules. The deal of the 3rd card is automatic, because the system controls the location of the cards of all participants. But, nevertheless, you need to know about these rules, in order to properly estimate your chances in the game and understand what exactly you can count on.

At first glance, the rules of baccarat may seem a bit complicated, but immediately after the first game, they are as clear as possible. If you doubt that you have mastered the game thoroughly and are ready to play for real money, take advantage of the offer to play in free mode on the Bet99 official website. Demo mode has the same features and level of excitement, but does not cause any risk of losing money. Most often the game uses 6 decks, but some manufacturers offer to play with 8 decks. Regardless of their number, the odds are the same for all players.


Types of Baccarat bets

In the classic game of baccarat at online casinos, there are three areas on the gaming table: the banker, the player, and the draw. Accordingly, you have to bet on one of these areas. Let's take a closer look at the types of bets and possible outcomes.

  • Betting on the Banker. If a player bets on the area "bank", it means he is predicting a victory of the croupier, or in other words, of the casino. And if the casino really wins the deal, the player who made the proper bet will be rewarded, meaning that he becomes the one who won.
  • Betting on the Player. If a player bets on the Player area and any player at the table wins, the participant who made the same bet is the winner.
  • Betting on the Draw. If a player chooses to bet on the "Draw" and the results of the deal between the dealer and one of the players is a draw, the player who made that bet wins. 

The second and third rule applies to the land version of baccarat. At online casinos, only the result of the game with a dealer and a certain player is taken into account.



Each card in the deck has a value, the total of which determines the winner. Baccarat is played using these cards:

  • An Ace counts as one point.
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 correlate to a number printed on the card.
  • Jack, Queen, King will bring you 10 points.

If the sum of points equals or exceeds 10, then 10 points will be subtracted from the result. For example, if a participant has a total of 14 points, then 10 points will be subtracted, leaving you with 4 points.

Finished combinations in the game of baccarat look like this:

If the sum of the cards is 9, it is a strong hand. A combination of two cards that have a total of 9 or 8 points is called a natural winning combination.

If you have a card total that is less than 5, then depending on the online baccarat rules you have a choice of adding a card or continuing with the one that remains.

In some variations, if the sum of the player's cards is less than 5 points, the third card will be dealt to him. The dealer may receive an additional card, if his hand is worth less than 4 points.


Features of online baccarat with a live dealer

As soon as the opportunity to play baccarat with a live dealer was introduced, it immediately provided players with new opportunities. A total of 6 to 8 cards are used in the game, as different developers offer their own custom variations. The advantages of playing Bet99 baccarat with live dealers:

  1. Ability to follow the game and accumulate experience;
  2. Ability to control the entire gameplay;
  3. Convenient payout table;
  4. Comfortable gambling at home, using your phone or computer.

Live baccarat always brings players vibrant emotions, incredible excitement, and new opportunities. Experienced Canadian online baccarat players are well aware that playing at real gambling establishments is not comparable to the familiar online version. The online version of the game gives players the opportunity to always be in touch, enter the game at any convenient time and spend their leisure time with interesting gambling activities. A wonderful selection of live baccarat with real dealers, as well as great bonuses for live table games, and exciting baccarat tournaments can be easily found by Canadian players on the Bet99 website.


Online baccarat game strategy 

In online baccarat, as well as in other games of gambling institutions, the percentage is set in favor of gambling houses. If you play for a long time, you will go up and down in the winnings, but in the long term, you will not be able to stay in the black. There is no way for a player to affect the gameplay, because the whole game is automatic. 

According to mathematical calculations we can say:

  • Betting on the draw is very unprofitable, it is necessary to be careful in all situations, including even when the payment is with the ratio of nine to one.
  • Betting on the player is more profitable than the same bet on the dealer, and therefore it's better to place such a bet.
  • A lesser number of decks involved in the game is more profitable for participants, but this parameter does not greatly affect the game.

Accordingly, when a player is gambling in online baccarat, it is necessary to constantly bet on the participant's victory. Using this method, a player will increase his chances of winning. 

At online casinos baccarat is more diverse in terms of bets. In the advanced online versions, in addition to the basic bets, you can make additional bets, such as: a pair of the player with a pair of the dealer, and the perfect pair, when the same value and suit of cards is falling out.


Online baccarat versions

Canadian visitors of gambling institutions are very familiar with such famous versions of card games:

  • European
  • Punto banco
  • Chemin de fer

Different versions of this popular game differ in the rules of dealing, the number of minimum and maximum players, the size of bets and payouts on them, as well as the role of the croupier at the gambling table. The bank in the game can change hands, and constantly be at one person. The way the bank is formed also differs, as there are options when it is created by gamblers' bets or is determined by casino rules.

European baccarat appeared at the beginning of the 15th century in Europe. According to its rules, the presence of a dealer, which can be real at an online club or virtual, if you choose an online casino, is considered mandatory. The draw begins with the player's choice of bet, which can be placed on three sectors.

Payouts are made at the following odds: 1:1 for the player's victory, 1:1 for winning the bank, 8:1 for the draw. Some online casinos offer bonus payments. The main features of the European version of the game are the purchase of the third card by the player at his own discretion and the size of the bank, which depends on the number of participants in the current round of bets.

Punto banco is the Spanish version of this card game, which has gained enormous popularity, due to the drawing of large amounts of money. It uses two types of tables: a big table with the possibility of participation of up to 16 people and the use of 8 decks; a small table with a maximum of 7 participants and the use of 6 decks. In the first part of the deal, the dealer carefully shuffles the cards and then deals two cards for Punto and Banco each. After receiving the starting hand, users can evaluate the potential and calculate the results.

Three betting options (bank, player, draw) are available to participants in the deal. At online casinos, while playing baccarat you can bet from $0.1 in one round. At offline institutions, the minimum entry threshold will be $50. The main feature of Punto Banco is the existence of situations where another card can be added to the pair, allowing you to get closer to 9 points. The third card can be used when the gambler has from 0 to 5 points or the croupier has from 0 to 4.

The main goal of Chemin de fer is to correctly predict who will get the combination with 9 points or close to it. To calculate the points, the traditional rules of the American version of baccarat are used. The main difference of Chemin de fer is that the players play against each other. The job of the gambling establishment is to organize this type of baccarat, during which the casino receives 5% of the bank. The staff does not deal cards, but monitors compliance with the rules, resolves disputes, and provides the necessary equipment.

Players take turns acting as banquets, and their bets form the total pot for the draw. This version of baccarat has certain rules for buying the third card. Specifically, with 6 or 7 points, the gambler can not take any action. With a combination of 0 to 4, the gambler must take the third card. If the player has 5 points, the player decides himself whether to take the third card or not.


Free baccarat

All online casinos nowadays allow their guests to play this popular card game, using demo mode. This format allows you to experience online baccarat for free, without risking your savings.

Visitors can use the demo version in Bet99 baccarat games to understand the rules of baccarat, the meaning of the combinations, and the specifics of the deal. For such a game there is no need to deposit funds into the balance or understand the rules in perfection. You can run a game of baccarat on the Bet99 website from any PC, smartphone, or tablet device.

Online baccarat is a completely safe and reliable entertainment, which allows you to play baccarat without the risk of losing your money. For betting in the Bet99 baccarat demo version, you can use special coins. However, the only drawback to be taken into account is the impossibility of withdrawing the received funds to the real bank accounts. All winnings received in this mode will be annulled after the end of the session. When the visitor restarts the page, he receives fan coins again, thanks to which he can bet without restrictions in time and number of attempts, practicing and constantly improving your skills.


What do ready-made combinations look like in Baccarat?

If the card total is 9, it is a strong hand. A combination of two cards is called a natural winning combination.
If the total number of cards you have is less than 5, then you have a choice: add a card or continue playing with that one.
If the player's card total is less than 5 points, he is dealt a third card. The dealer may receive an additional card if his hand is worth less than 4 points.

Where can you practice playing Baccarat?

Visitors can use the demo version in Bet99 baccarat games. Here you can understand the rules of baccarat, the meaning of combinations and the features of the hand. There is no need to deposit funds or fully understand the rules. You can play baccarat on the Bet99 website from any PC, smartphone or tablet.

What types of Baccarat are there at Bet99?

Punto Banco
Chemin de fer

What cards are used when playing Baccarat and what do they mean?

Ace - counts as 1 point.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - correspond to the number printed on the card.
Jack, Queen, King will give you 10 points.

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