Yes, Your Dog is Making Puppy Eyes at You

The problem with dogs is that they’re a lot like babies that never grow up. This is both a great strength and a huge annoyance. Researchers who study infant learning and behavior have to rely on cues, because asking them questions is just a waste of time. Dogs are the same, and that makes it very difficult to come to conclusions about their behavior and what it means. Humans interpret dog facial expressions as conveying certain emotions, and that doing so affects our behavior. Pups who raise their inner eyebrows—making those big, sad eyes up at you—are more likely to get adopted from shelters. That’s probably because we find them more adorable when their eyes are large and round, like a baby’s. What we don’t know is whether dogs are changing their facial expressions intentionally. Dogs and even cats specifically puts on an expression when there’s someone paying attention—but not when they’re alone—that’s communication. And dogs seem to be very good at that. So yes, it is a little unsurprising. Dogs evolved alongside humans, and it seems natural that they would be under selective pressure to develop traits that allow the two species to communicate. Sometimes science confirms the obvious…..Ed
Source: Sara Chodosh / Photo:

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