Yard and Garden Hacks using Everyday Kitchen Items

Ever think about how great it would be if you didn’t have to buy a specialized concoction for every little household chore? And how expensive it becomes when you do? Add up the cost of some fertilizer, some ant spray and some weed killer, and you’re looking at spending $50 or more. Save the money for your next barbecue. Here are some ways to use the items in your kitchen to spruce up your outdoor space. Restore tired clay pots, A good vinegar bath can make even the dullest clay pots look like new. Perk up your plants, Sprinkle coffee grounds in your soil to fertilize your flora and sweeten your stems. Wipe out pesky weeds in the cracks of your walkways and patio pavers. Simply dilute salt in water (mix a three-to-one ratio of salt-to-water to start) and pour it over the weeded areas to dehydrate unwanted vegetation. Send the ants marching away, cucumbers are known to repel ants. Place peels around the perimeter of your patio doors, eating areas and other places. Mint tea bags, bay leaves and cinnamon even cayenne pepper are also said to keep ants at bay. How about your suggestions!…..Ed
Source: HomeAdvisor Hamilton Spectator / Photo:vkool

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