Will cracking your Knuckles give you arthritis?

Scientists have conducted fairly rigorous research into the long held belief that cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis, and they’ve all come to largely the same conclusion. The short answer is no. But there may be reasons to refrain anyway and why you may want to avoid knuckle-cracking. To find out if knuckle-cracking is harmful, researchers have studied whether (popping or grinding) of the knuckle joints can raise the risk for hand osteoarthritis. The results of these studies conclude that—regardless of the frequency or duration of cracking—knuckle crackers’ risk for arthritis is no higher than for non-crackers. There’s no known connection between knuckle cracking and hand arthritis. The same holds true for any other joint that pops, like the hip or knee. The popping and cracking noises that joints sometimes make is called crepitus. It’s caused by gas bubbles in the fluid surrounding your joints. However, if you are a habitual knuckle cracker, there still may be reason to stop. A study that surveyed 300 patients found that, compared with those who didn’t crack their knuckles, the knuckle crackers had more swelling in their hands and had a weaker grip…..Ed
Source: Carrie DeVries / Photo: News Corp Australia

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