Will This Cold Winter Mean Fewer Bugs This Summer?

It’s been a frigid start to the New Year across Canada, with record-breaking temperatures and winter “bomb cyclones”. But as people grab their parkas to help brave the cold, what does the deep freeze mean for insects? If you’re hoping the colder weather means fewer bugs will be biting you around the campfire this summer, you’re not in luck. Insects in this part of the world were designed to survive subzero temperatures, according to Adam Oliver Brown, a professor of biology at the University of Ottawa. Insects, like most animals, can adapt to cold temperatures. Mosquitoes can stay in water at the bottom of a lake or pond, logs and trees while others hide in our homes and buildings for the duration, and this is true for a lot of insects. What impacts insect populations is not how cold it gets in the winter, but “prolonged” fluctuations in temperatures from thawing, followed by freezing. By the way ticks like the snow, they consider it insulation……Ed

Source: Katie Dangerfield / Photo: AP-Ben Garver

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