What’s in a Smile?

A study was commissioned on the power of a smile recently.  It featured the findings of a  psychologist named Dr. Jessamy Hibbard.  Here are a few stats:

  1. The average adult smiles 11 times every day – or more than 232,000 times over their lifetime, it has emerged.
  2. Eight out of ten of us are confident enough to smile at strangers – with most happy to grin at someone we don’t know eight times a day, on average.
  3.  🙁  Two of our 11 smiles a day are false, with a miserable one in ten adults claiming they ‘don’t like smiling’.

It also emerged that around 50% of us admit we don’t smile ‘as much as we could’, and  75% wished that everyone would smile more often.

Now, here are the top things that make us smile!

  1. Sunny weather – 50 per cent
  2. Getting a compliment from a stranger – 48 per cent
  3. Looking back at old photographs – 44 per cent
  4. Receiving a discount at the cash – 39 per cent
  5. Finding a five dollar bill down the back of the sofa – 38 per cent
  6. When someone holds a door open for you – 37 per cent
  7. Hearing a baby laugh/seeing them smile – 37 per cent
  8. Getting a nice message from a loved one – 35 per cent
  9. Receiving a big hug – 35 per cent
  10. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands – 33 per cent

BTW, honorable mention goes to hearing a favourite song on the radio, chocolate! and fitting into a pair of jeans you didn’t think you would,  So go forth and Take the Smile Challenge. See if you can up your personal number to 15-20 smiles and day and try to convince someone wearing their grumpy pants to change over to their smiley ones.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Article Moshulu.co.uk



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