What’s The Difference Between Those Beautiful Bell Peppers?

Bell peppers, with their sweet taste and vibrant hues, are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of meals. Serve them grilled, stuffed, roasted, or raw, they’re some of the most versatile veggies around.
You can find red, yellow, or green bell peppers in the produce aisle — but have you ever wondered if the difference between them was more than just the color? It turns out that the difference between those colorful bell peppers goes more than skin deep. Here’s why…
Red, yellow, and green bell peppers all come from the same species. Their color simply depends on how ripe they were when they were picked. For instance, green bell peppers are harvested while they are still unripe. That is why they have a slightly more bitter taste than their yellow and red counterparts. On the other hand, they’re usually cheapest because they take the least amount of time to grow.
Yellow bell peppers are harvested when they are riper than green peppers, but have not yet fully matured. Red peppers are harvested the latest. As they are the ripest of all the bell peppers, they taste the sweetest and are the most nutritious. In fact, red bell peppers contain 10 times more Vitamin A than green ones! Now you know.

Source: Gourmandize
Photo: Provided by Gourmandize

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