Waterloo Dog Dirt Power

Waterloo is going to play host to a pilot program that plans to take dog poop and use it as a source of fuel. It’s plan is to have residents use special receptical to put their dog waste in instead of just throwing it into the trash. The recepticles are going to be bright green, and look like post boxes and have dog shaped openings.


According to mayor Dave Jaworsky, who jokingly calls the program “poop power”, “It’s actually a big issue, dog waste. If you look at our municipal litter bins … it’s 40- to 80-per-cent dog waste,” he said, adding that the city collects about 115,000 kilograms of trash every year. Which means removing dog waste from the landfill would remove between 46 to 92 thousand kilograms, or 100 to 200 thousand pounds, from city waste each year.


Jaworsky said the program may expand into other cities across North America. The project will begin rolling out in the coming weeks in three parks throughout the city; including a leash-free dog park.


That also has the potential to create a large amount of energy using anaerobic digestion to create biogas, a process that has been around in rural communities for some time, which you can learn more about here.


But put simply, it gets stored in an oxygen free environment where it breaks down releasing gases which are collected to be burned off as fuel while leaving behind some other products which can be used as fertilizer. It’s a relatively green friendly process with almost no by-product waste.


Story from The Star

Photo by Richard Huskisson of his own dogs.

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