Want To Be Remembered And Heard? Speak Slowly And Clearly

Research into memory and clear communicating has found that if you speak slowly and clearly, you will have a better interaction with your audience, spouse, employee.  Essentially, if you want to be remembered and get your point across, be concise and clear.  Researchers say part of the reason may be that if one has more time to take in the information, there is more room for memory rather than trying to keep up with the speaker.


New research reveals that people are more likely to recall a conversation if a speaker uses precise diction and slow, clear communication.

Sandie Keerstock and Rajka Smiljanic, researchers and linguists from the University of Texas at Austin, are currently working to understand why some conversations are quickly forgotten while others can be recalled years later.

Keerstock and Smiljanic have focused their research on how clarity of speaking style impacts memory and recently, the two conducted a new study with non-native English speakers.

Examples of the sentences included “the boy carried the heavy chair,” and a listener would hear each phrase twice. Once with a speaker delivering a slow, articulate sentence and another with the same speaker using a casual and quick delivery.

Listeners don’t have to work as hard to understand what a speaker who enunciates and talks slowly is saying, and so more energy can be reserved for memory formation.




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