Value Of Canadian Honey Is Dropping Due To Imports


Canadian honey farmers say cheap, diluted honey from oversees is flooding the market. According to Statistics Canada, the value of Canadian honey dropped nearly $53 million last year. One local bee-keeper says cheaper imports and unclear labels are having a tremendous impact . The plummeting value of Canadian honey is mostly affecting large scale honey producers. Big companies looking to sweeten their products with honey are choosing off shore honey because it’s cheaper. According to Statistics Canada, honey imports have risen steadily year after year and that honey that comes from China, Argentina, and other countries and it doesn’t compare to Canadian honey. According to the report, it says “Sometimes you find that store bought honey tastes like corn syrup, and that’s because it’s not pure”. Just because your honey says Canada 1 or 2 on it doesn’t mean it’s 100% percent Canadian honey that’s just the grading system. Chinese honey will also have a Canada 1 or 2 grade. You have to look at the fine print on the the label. Because that’s where it’s going to say “product of Canada”. When it comes down to it, the Canadian honey industry is in the consumers hands……..Ed

Source: Charlie Bee Honey, Charlie Parker, honey, Kelly Botelho, statistics Canada/ Photo: Charlie parker

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