Update: Flood Warning Expanded To More Of Grand River Watershed

GRCA News Release  1:30pm

Flood Message #2 –Flood Warning expanded for Grand River watershed

Northern portions of the Grand River watershed received more than 100mm of rainfall during the early hours of Friday morning. Flows in the Grand River have responded with near record levels, unseen since December 2008. Limited storage capacity in the large reservoirs is being used to manage flows at this time; however discharges from the large reservoirs are being increased.


Flood Warning


Town of Grand Valley

Hwy 25 through the Town of Grand Valley is currently closed. Portions of Grand Valley are currently flooded, with multiple road closures. Levels peaked through Grand Valley late Friday morning. Flows will remain high through the remainder of the day and into the weekend. Flood Co-ordinators in Grand Valley are asked to maintain road closures as necessary.


Township of Mapleton / Village of Drayton

Flood co-ordinators in the Township of Mapleton have warned residents in the Village of Drayton in the level 3 flood area. Levels through Drayton are expected to peak early Friday afternoon and remain high into the evening.


Township of Centre Wellington / Elora

Flood co-ordinators in Centre Wellington have warned boardwalk shop owners in Elora. Flows through Elora are expected to reach the 300 m3/s range Friday afternoon. Flows of this magnitude were last experienced in May 2000.  Flood co-ordinators in Centre Wellington are asked to monitor flooding along the Grand River.


Township of Woolwich / St. Jacobs, West Montrose, Elmira, Conestogo Golf Course

Flows in the Conestogo River are expected to reach 400 m3/s Friday afternoon. Flows of this magnitude have not been experienced since May 1974. Flood co-ordinators in Woolwich Township are asked to maintain closure of the Three Bridges bridge, upstream of St. Jacobs, and close Glasglow street bridge. Expect theses bridges will be closed through the weekend.

The trailer park and portions of the Village of West Montrose will be flooded Friday afternoon. Flood co-ordinators in Woolwich Township are asked to warn residents as necessary. This magnitude of flooding through West Montrose was last experienced in May 2000.


Flows will be high along the Canagagigue Creek through Elmira. Arthur Street and Bolender Park are flooded and crews are on-scene to maintain the closure. Flows of this magnitude were last experienced in June 2004. While not expected to increase further through Elmira, flows are expected to remain high through the weekend.


City of Kitchener / Bingeman Trailer Park

City of Kitchener flood co-ordinators have warned Bingeman Trailer Park. Park operators have been asked to evacuate trailers in the lower portion of Bingeman Trailer Park and monitor facilities within the park. Flows are expected to reach 400 m3/s through Bridgeport by late Friday afternoon. Flows are expected to peak in the 900 m3/s range overnight into Saturday.


City of Cambridge / Highway 24 South of Concession Street.

City of Cambridge flood co-ordinators are asked to monitor and be prepared to close Highway 24 south of Cambridge between Concession Street and Myers Road. Highway 24 is expected to flood later Friday evening and into Saturday morning. Flows of this magnitude in the Grand River through Cambridge have not been seen since April 1975.


Township of North Dumfries / Everglades Trailer Park South of Cambridge. 

North Dumfries flood co-ordinators are asked to warn and prepare to evacuate residents of Everglades Trailer Park on the Grand River south of Cambridge. The trailer park is expected to experience flooding late Friday evening and into Saturday.


County of Brant / City of Brantford / Haldimand County / Brant Park Conservation Area / Trailer Parks in Southern Grand River Watershed

Flows are expected to increase through Brantford overnight Friday and peak on Saturday afternoon. Brantford flood co-ordinators are asked to monitor flows and prepare to close Gilkinson Street on Saturday morning.

Trailer park residents in Brant Park are advised to anticipate flooding and prepare to evacuate trailers in areas of the park prone to flooding.

Brant County and Six Nations flood co-ordinators are asked to monitor flows and be prepared to close Boundary Road between Six Nations and Brant County.

Haldimand County flood co-ordinators are asked to warn trailer parks in the southern Grand River watershed and advise them to evacuate trailers in areas typically prone to spring flooding.


Stay Safe

Grand River watershed residents should be aware that flows will be much higher than normal and will not be safe for recreational activities.

The public is reminded to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time and, when combined with current weather conditions, pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from all watercourses.


This message will remain in effect until noon on Saturday June 24th, 2017.  Updated flood messages will be issued as conditions develop.

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