Travelling This Summer? The Germiest Places In Hotel Rooms

When you book a hotel room, you know you’re signing up to stay in a space where hundreds and maybe even thousands of people have stayed before you. It’s not news that previous guests leave germs behind, but you might be surprised to learn where those germs are lurking. With 14 to 16 rooms to clean in an eight-hour shift, hotel staff don’t usually get much time to clean a room, its linens and appliances from top to bottom ― roughly 30 minutes on average. Here are items in your room to keep your eye on. The TV Remote, the TV remote is likely gross. Hundreds of hands have touched the device, and it’s probably not high on the housekeeping team’s long list of things to clean, researchers reported in 2012 that along with the toilet and bathroom sink, the TV remote contained “high levels of bacterial contamination. The Bed Comforter or Duvet, Kelly Reynolds, professor of environmental health at the University of Arizona, says, stay away from germs on the bed, getting rid of the comforter is a good start, just fold it up and put it to the side. The carpet, the flooring is filled with germs, so maybe bring some slippers. Lamp or Light Switch, The same research team that discovered bacteria on TV remotes also found heavy bacterial contamination on the bedside lamp switch in many hotel rooms. Light switches, especially in the bathroom, are prone to collecting bacteria…….Ed

Source: Taylor Pittman / Photo:Matthew Christopher

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