Traveling Habits that Put You at Risk of Identity Theft

Whether you decide to vacation in Canada or abroad, there are certain habits that may put you at risk of identity theft. Posting status updates about your trip . Your smartphone or tablet might help you document every minute of your vacation, but status updates may let identity thieves know where you are. If an identity thief has your information, he or she may seize the opportunity to use it. Experts recommend waiting until you return home to post your photos. Carrying unnecessary documents, such as your Social Insurance card, could put you at serious risk if any of them are lost or stolen. Leave your cheque book, library card, and other cards that display your name and address at home. If you announce on social media your traveling plans and then let the mail pile up, you make it easy for identity thieves to know your house is unoccupied. If you are traveling in a region that’s not covered by your mobile plan, it’s tempting to use public WiFi. This is a risky option because the networks are not typically secured. Finally Identity thieves may also impersonate hotel staff in order to obtain your information. Never give out your account information over the hotel phone, even if the caller claims to be from the front desk……Ed
Source:Equifax / Photo: veerasantinithi

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