Things To Remove From Our Bedrooms For Better Rest and Relaxation

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. But if you remove these items from your bedroom (or toss some of them), both sleep and organization experts say it’ll lead to a cleaner and more relaxing space and more restful sleep.
– Your desk area:
“Putting a work space in the bedroom is just a bad idea,” says Jonathan Scott, home design expert and star of Property Brothers. “The bedroom is not for working in – it’s purpose is to help you relax, recharge and unwind.” And thinking about bills late at night definitely won’t help with that.
– Your random junk:
It turns out your mom was onto something when she used to make you clean your messy bedroom all the time – an untidy space can lead to anxiety and poor sleep. So ditch your old knick knacks , papers you don’t need. and other items that don’t serve a purpose.
– Books you’ve already read:
Sure, sometimes hardbacks serve as excellent conversation starters, but your bedroom isn’t a place where guests usually hang out. So you might as well hand off the nighttime reads you’ve already finished to a friend so they can enjoy them, too.
– Clothes you never wear:
Admit it: You don’t really need 10 white dresses. Instead of letting them fill up your closet, pull out the ones you never wear and donate them to someone else who maybe doesn’t own one white dress. That roomy closet will make you feel accomplished.
– Your over-flowing laundry basket:
There’s nothing like seeing this container packed to the brim to remind you of all the housework on your plate and more stress to your thoughts. Instead, you might want to keep this basket in your laundry room (or walk-in closet, if you’re so blessed).
– Your cell phone:
Let us count the reasons these should be banned from the bedroom: The biggies? Repeated studies have shown that reading on this device or playing games makes it harder to fall asleep, leads to less-rested sleep and even exposes you to radiation.
Source: House Beautiful/Lauren Smith

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