Teacher Proposes Not Just Marriage, But ‘Dadhood’ – And It’s Very Cute

‘I was jumping for joy when I found out they were staying. It was just this feeling you get when you meet the right person”.

A teacher who fell in love with his 10-year-old student’s mom after the little girl played matchmaker got down on one knee – and proposed to them both at the same time.

Jessie Wittmayer asked Shyyra Miller if he could become her dad before turning and asking for her mom Krysta’s hand in marriage.

The 26-year-old landscaping manager used to work at an after school group near his home in San Diego, where he met Shyyra, who was in the third grade at the time, in 2014.

Single mom Krysta, 29, said her daughter always came home chatting about her favorite teacher ‘Mr Thor’ – a nickname she had given Jessie because of his long blond hair.

At first, Krysta and Jessie only met in passing whenever Krysta was dropping Shyyra off or picking her up, and they would make small talk.

But over the course of over a year, Jessie said he began to feel a connection to Krysta and eventually asked her on a coffee date in October 2015 where they hit it off.

In March this year, Jessie decided to ask Krysta to marry him.

He plotted for Shyyra to be a part of the proposal, with the plan being that Jessie would take Krysta on a sunset walk and Shyyra would surprise them with the ring.

But Shyyra was stunned when her favorite teacher got down on one knee and ‘proposed’ to her too, presenting her with a necklace and asking if he could be her dad.

Moments later, he turned to Krysta and asked her to be his bride – and she too said ‘yes’.

Jessie said: ‘I first laid eyes on Krysta when she dropped Shyyra off at spring break in 2015. I was like, “Wow, that is a beautiful woman. Every time she would come in I would try to be nice, but if I saw her I would be pretty shy. It was like, “Hey, Shyyra was amazing today. She’s a great kid.” We talked a little here and there.’

Jessie said he decided to ask Krysta out after learning she and Shyyra were considering moving 2,500 miles away to Virginia – but changed their minds.

Footage shows the proposal moment unfolding as a group of Jessie and Krysta’s family and friends watched from a nearby restaurant.

Krysta says she was taken completely surprise by the proposal, which took place overlooking the skyline in Coronado, California.

Source: Charlie Lankston/Daily Mail

Photo: © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited

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