Take Your Grilling Skills up a Notch this Summer

Aside from chilling the drinks and prepping ingredients, make sure you have these handy tips and tricks under your belt to create an epic cookout for you and your guests. 1. Preheat your grill. Whatever you do, don’t skip this step! Food is less likely to stick to hot metal, so take the time to heat up the barbecue before you get grilling. 2. Put an onion to work. Try cleaning the grill with an onion. Once the grates heat up, stick a fork into half of a raw onion, rub them with the cut side down and watch as baked-on grime wipes off. Plus, the onion will season the grating. 3. Invest in a cast-iron pan. Designed for open-fire cookery, a cast-iron skillet radiates heat evenly so that burning food is very difficult. Whether you’re making burgers, steak or roasted veggies, grilling with a cast-iron pan gives you a barbecue advantage. 4. Spray on some apple juice. Here’s another genius way to keep food moist while grilling. Fill a spray bottle with apple juice and spritz your food every few minutes. It not only infuses your dishes with a sweet-tart taste, but keeps food juicy and tender. Ice your hamburgers. 5. It’s no secret big, thick patties often dry out on the barbecue. To keep ’em juicy, simply push an ice cube into the centre of your burger after placing them on the grill. Remarkably, the moisture of the melting ice will get trapped in the beef. And finally Save the saucing for later. Avoid putting sauces onto food before grilling it, sauces contain sugar, they’ll easily burn when cooking over an open flame. Your best bet is to brush them on toward the end of the cooking process…..Ed
Source: Lisa Jackson /Photo: J. Kenji López

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