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Traffic Headache Due To Accident

For your drive home there is a new traffic incident that could cause a major headache if you use the 403 as it is closed, both east and west bound, between The Lincoln Alexander Parkway and Aberdeen Avenue due to

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Driving Infraction Penalties

It’s easy to think that you can just get away with a little bit but once you realize the penalty you might think twice! Here are some driving infractions you may not think are big deals but could cost you

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Traffic in Paris

At least you don’t have to drive this traffic circle in Paris. Traffic coming up at 3:20 with Dan Deely. Pic: screen capture

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Special Weather Statement For Tuesday February 7

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Tuesday, February 7, warning about possible freezing rain for Tuesday morning.   The Statement follows:   Special weather statement in effect for: Brantford – County of Brant Woodstock – Tillsonburg –

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Where Are The Plows? Now You Can Find Out

If you ever wondered if the plow is on the way or has plowed a certain roadway, you can check with this handy website. It is called Track My Plow.  Click the link here. Image-wikiwand

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Pokemon Go Away, Says Toronto Officials

It seems that the latest online craze, Pokemon Go, is causing some concern for some Toronto City Officials and Centre Island tourists. Niantic the game’s creator has placed a number of Pokemon beacons or gyms at and near the Jack

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Lunchtime Trivia Tues July 26

Q: According to a recent survey, it costs about $3,500 a year to do this. To do what? A: Get to and from work! Cost of auto/gas etc Image- Travel

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Stunt Driving

Excessive speeding is becoming a problem in the area with at least 6 cases in the last three months of someone going well over 50 km/h beyond the speed limit; the latest being 180 in a 90 zone. This is

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Beware The Smombies

Smombies,  or Smartphone Zombies,  is a name given to the Augsburg, Germany residents who walk and text or watch their smartphone and not the traffic around them. The city of Augsburg, Germany is embedding traffic lights in the sidewalks so

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Lunchtime Trivia Tuesday April 26

Q: Right now or at any given time , almost half of us are stressed out because of this. What is it? A: That we’re running late.   image courtesy LinkedIn

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