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Lunchtime Trivia Monday, December 3

Thanks for joining us to play Lunchtime Trivia with our Question for the day: According to this scientific study doing this can boost your memory, improve cognitive ability and recall. What is it?   The answer must have been an

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Lunchtime Trivia Friday, November 30

In Lunchtime Trivia Today we touched on a subject that always has many asking questions: the topic of health. This afternoon we posed the following puzzler: This research found that having this can help ward off disease including possibly even

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Sunburn Preventing Wristbands

Even as summer comes to an end there are those who still want to see the sun as much as possible, but the ever-present concern is; how much is too much? There is a researcher at the Australian Royal Melbourne

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New Research Reveals Horses Can Read And Remember Your Facial Expressions

New research has shown that horses are able to read and remember the emotional expressions of humans. Animal behavior experts at the University of Sussex and the University of Portsmouth in the UK presented domestic horses with large photographs of

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Baby Talk works with your doggies!

When it comes to talking to dogs, British researchers have some tips. Scientists at the University of York published a study in the journal Animal Cognition that has some important information for those looking to get closer with their beloved

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Lunchtime Trivia Thursday, March 8

Q: University researchers say that at work, this could be draining our intelligence. What is it?

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