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Your Best Chance To View Mars Is This Weekend

If you have not been checking out the night sky this weekend you have been missing some fantastic natural phenomenon. The moon put on a display Friday night as did the red planet. Though despite what your Facebook news feed

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Night Views For May 27 2018

If you are someone who likes looking up at the night sky to see interesting things but hates having to stay up late to catch them; there is good news for you this weekend because you don’t have to stay

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Blue Super Moon January 30th

This month is going to see the first blue moon of the year. The first full moon happened as the year began, and now we will have the second full moon in the month which makes it a blue moon.

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Great Week For Stargazing

We’re coming up to one of the better night time light shows of the year. Every August the Perseid, named after the constellation Perseus where they originally were thought to originate, offer the best chance to see a shooting star.

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4 O’clock Fact: Rainbows At Night

Spectacular shot of a “moonbow.” A rainbow made by the reflective light of the moon. It is weaker than direct sunlight so it appears a white glow to the naked eye but colours can be brought out through long exposure

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Driving at night [study]

A new study is shedding light on why it may be so hard for some drivers to see at night. It may be tough to see down a dark road because of the vehicle’s headlights. The U-S Insurance Institute for

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