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7 Science-Approved Tips for Walking Across Ice

1. MOVE SLOWLY AND STEADILY. Clearly, instinct and common sense kicks in the moment you approach the slick surface, telling us it’s virtually impossible (and not really wise) to sprint across an ice-covered driveway. Slow and easy wins the proverbial race,

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Special Weather Statement Sunday Feb 4

There has been a special weather statement issued Today due to the falling snow and dropping temperatures coming this afternoon which in combination could cause some dangerous road conditions. The statement is as follows;   Special weather statement in effect

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Cool Concert

Tim Linhart makes and plays instruments made of ice. The Colorado native plays to audiences from all over the world in his specially made igloo concert hall in Luleå, in Swedish Lapland. Possibly the “coolest” concert ever. Source: Mental Floss.

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DIY Galamboni

If you have ever tried to make a backyard skating rink you might have struggled with the condition of the ice. Getting it smooth is not easy; I can remember many winters watching Dad flood the pond trying to get

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Rare Footage Of The Birth Of A Canadian [Video]

Fascinating.  Don’t try this at home eh? Source- NoraTv-Youtube Image- The Poke Uk

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