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UFO Crash?

Local residents in the central Tolima province in Colombia, were terrified after what they thought was a UFO, crashed in a field. “We all thought it was a UFO or the remains of a space craft,” residents told a local

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Google’s Project Jacquard

Not happy with how their Google Glass project didn’t take off as they expected and still wanting to give cell phone users a way to interact with their device in a way that keeps their heads up; Google has come

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Juno’s Jupiter Mission Google Doodle

Yesterday NASA’s Juno probe reached Jupiter after a five year voyage spanning 2.8 billion kilometers to begin exploring the gas giant. It’s mission is to get a look below the cloud surface and answer some real questions. How much water

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Google Hiring Test-Drivers

Have you ever wanted to make twenty dollars an hour just to sit in a car while someone, or something, else drives? Then you want to be a test driver for Google’s self driving cars! The California company has started

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Google To Feature Animal Sounds

Internet giant Google has released a new feature that will enable parents to teach children about different noises that animals make. Parents can google search an animal and in return will see a page of illustrations with a sound icon they

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Google Prank Goes Wrong

On Friday Google had to pull a feature from it’s e-mail service when an April fools joke they put out began to cause some serious issues with more than a few Gmail users.

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