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Red Light Runners

The past two weeks there has been a dangerous trend happening on the roads near me. I have noticed a number of vehicles running red lights. Now this isn’t a matter of one car getting caught too close to the

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Snow Plow Tracker

Did you know that there is a way to keep track of the snow plows as they travel around on the major routes? It’s called “Track my Plow” and is a website run by the Road Operations and Data Analysis

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Lunchtime Trivia Thursday, September 28

Q: Ontario is the only province where it is not illegal to do this while driving. What is it?

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Driving Infraction Penalties

It’s easy to think that you can just get away with a little bit but once you realize the penalty you might think twice! Here are some driving infractions you may not think are big deals but could cost you

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Distracted Driving Contributes To Fatal Accidents

A recent report presented to the Hamilton police oversight board pointed out there is often more than one contributing factor in most fatal accidents on roads and highways. But in the 125 total collisions where one or more persons died

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Careers & Driving

A new survey by an insurance company reveals that doctors are the worst drivers and most likely to be in an accident followed by accountants and salespeople. Roofers and Farm Workers are the safest drivers and least likely to be in

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Driving at night [study]

A new study is shedding light on why it may be so hard for some drivers to see at night. It may be tough to see down a dark road because of the vehicle’s headlights. The U-S Insurance Institute for

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