Survey Says Hamilton is a Top City to Visit in 2018

Time to open your calendar, and decide where you’re going to visit in 2018. We could toss around a number of cities we think are worth the trip, but this year a survey of 1,000 Canadians was conducted and they were asked which city they’d recommend their fellow travelers visit. Some of the responses were specific around certain cities, while other responses recommended provinces as a whole let’s take a look at what we have. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Penticton, British Columbia, even Tokyo, Japan, but here is the real winner, Hamilton made the Expedia list of the top 18 cities to visit. Hamilton is one Canadian city you simply need to experience if you haven’t been yet. We’re talking sparkling shorelines, booming festivals, and regional cuisine that pulls no punches. It was no surprised that Hamilton was so highly recommended. The Around the Bay 30K Road Race returns for its 124th year, it predates the Boston Marathon. Craft breweries have become a big part of the city. The Canadian Country Music Awards in September, and scenic country sides and waterfalls…..Ed
Source:CHCH/Jennifer Cuellar / Photo:emcmahon

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