Sunburn Preventing Wristbands

Even as summer comes to an end there are those who still want to see the sun as much as possible, but the ever-present concern is; how much is too much? There is a researcher at the Australian Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, named Dr. Vipul Bansal, who out of a personal need came up with the idea for a bracelet which will tell you how much sun you have had and when it might be time to get back inside.

Because he himself has a struggle with Vitamin D deficiency, and was concerned about skin cancer, he and his team have developed an ultraviolet (UV) active ink that changes colour when exposed to different types of UV rays and can be printed and worn as a single use, disposable wrist band. Though Dr. Bansal says that their technology can go beyond wrist bands to head band or stickers as examples.

The idea is that there are 6 different variations of skin-tone related inks that when exposed to UV will change colour to let you know that you have reached an optimal level of Vitamin D and that prolonged exposure to the Sun’s rays may prove detrimental to your health. And according to the research “Fair skin (Type I) can only tolerate only one fifth of the UV exposure that dark skin (Type VI) can before damage occurs, while darker types require longer in the sun to absorb healthy amounts of Vitamin D.” That would mean knowing how long to stay in the sun could be tricky for those who have not done quite a bit of research.

If you would like to know more about the science behind the idea a research paper has been published in Nature Communications.

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