Signs Of Cellphone Addiction

As a Toronto middle school bans the use of cellphones in its classrooms and hallways, experts continue to look at the problem of potential cellphone addiction…
Steve Joordens, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, says there are several signs your child may be closing in on a dangerous cellphone addiction.
If a child appears anxious when the cellphone battery is low or starts pacing when the phone is misplaced or service is unavailable, it could be a sign they’re becoming obsessed.
“We’ve all lost our cell phone. How does that make you feel? How worrisome is that for people that are more addicted that’s extremely worrisome. It becomes all they care about. finding that cell phone,” Joordens explained.
If the child starts spending more time online than connecting with people in real life or begins to sleep with the cellphone close to them, it could be the signs of addiction.
“If you imagine an alcoholic having a bottle sitting beside their bed when they sleep at night, you would think that’s too much, they can’t even put the bottle away to sleep,” Joordens said.
“If you take it one step further, there are studies that show 35 per cent of the people, when they wake up in the morning, they think about their cellphone and that compares to 10 per cent that thinks about their significant other.”
Another sign is experiencing a ‘phantom’ ring or vibration.
“Literally being so primed to hear these things that you hear them when they’re not happening,” he said.
Signs of cell phone addiction:
Appears anxious when phone battery is low
Panics if the cellphone is misplaced or cell service is unavailable
Spends more time online than connecting with people in real life.
Sleeps with a cellphone on or under the pillow
Uses a cellphone in dangerous situations such as driving
Has the cellphone on the table during meals
Believing the cellphone has rung or vibrated when it has not.
Source: Amanda Ferguson/City News

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