Shipwrecked Couple Saved By Old And New Technology

Image being shipwrecked on a tropical island.  What would you do to help yourself to be rescued?  If we call on our movie and classic story knowledge we would think to have a bonfire smoke signal at the ready should a plane or boat pass nearby. Or perhaps spell out SOS in the sand with rocks or branches.

A couple was recently fishing off the coast of Queensland, Australia when a freak storm came up and wreaked havoc on them and their small fishing dinghy.  Within a short time waves up to 5 meters eventually capsized their vessel. Fortunately they were close to Percy Island and were able to swim to shore.  They were also very prepared as they had an EPIRB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.  This sets off a signal to alert and gives GPS coordinates the rescue services.  Once safely ashore they set off their ‘Beacon’ and also had the good sense to use the Old Fashioned method of writing “HELP” in the sand.  The latter was key for the rescue team to focus in on their exact location.

It was a happy ending and good use of old and new technology.

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Image RACQ CQ Rescue Twitter @cq_rescue

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