The Right Way To Say It

We’re all pronouncing Pyeongchang wrong — here’s the right way to say it.

The Winter Olympics are underway, which means more and more people will be talking about snowy sports and South Korea over the next few weeks. This also means more people will be stumbling their way through names of people and places that are not part of their native language.

One of the most common words you’re likely to hear between now and the end of the games is Pyeonchang — the city in South Korea where the Olympics are being held. Many people, myself included, have been pronouncing it “Pee-yon-chang.” There are also some on-air reporters who pronounce it “Pee-yon-chung,” according to New York Business Journal.

Well, the fact is that neither of these are correct. The correct pronunciation is “Pee-yung-chong.”

However, you are still likely to hear announcers and reporters mispronounce Pyeonchang throughout the games. Chairman of NBC Broadcasting and Sports Mark Lazarus told New York Business Journal that, after some internal debate, the channel will be pronouncing it “Pee-yon-chang” because “it’s cleaner.”

Source: Insider. Com

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