Research-Backed Reasons Eldest Children Are The Best

Eldest siblings tend to think they’re the kings and queens of the family. They were born first, so it only makes sense that they get the most attention and affection. Youngest and middle children would beg to differ, but it turns out science mostly supports the eldest’s bragging rights. Here are some of the reasons why. Being the eldest Forges the path for their fellow siblings means eldest children learn some serious responsibility early in life. Research suggests that eldest children have higher IQs on average than their younger siblings. Not only do eldest children perform better in school, they also might be more successful in the professional world. While middle children are thought to be the rebellious ones, oldest children are more likely to be rule-followers and stick to the status quo. In a 2015 study, firstborns were found to be slightly more conscientious, more agreeable and less neurotic than their younger siblings — characteristics that could help them in the long run. Revel in the glory, eldest siblings. It’s hard to argue with science. But we’re sure your parents still loves you all equally….. Ed

Source: Landess Kearns / Photo: Dondi

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