Quitting Junk Food can Bring on Withdrawals

If you’re trying to give up fast food or chips for healthier food items, good for you! But a new report suggests that your first non-junk-food week may be rather difficult. researchers found that people attempting to cut down on eating highly processed foods experience some of the same physical and psychological symptoms… as those quitting smoking cigarettes.The study was conducted by adapting a drug-withdrawal questionnaire and giving it to 200 people who had tried to diet by giving up junk food. The respondents cited symptoms such as “mood swings, cravings, anxiety, headaches and poor sleep. Symptoms were most intense between days two and five after kicking the fast-food habit. The best advise is to take it slow with a gradual decline in junk-food consumption over a number of weeks…..Ed
Source: Gwen Ihnat / photo:pexils

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