Quiet Fireworks In 2018

The latest trend over 2018 was the emergence of “Quiet Fireworks” or as some were calling them “Silent Fireworks” which are reported to be more friendly to natural environments and also smaller children.


Any parent who has brought a child to a fireworks display without proper ear protection has likely noticed that them covering their ears. Anyone with a skittish pet has likely come to dread the nights where neighbourhood fireworks displays are going to be shown because of how it can startle and stress the animals. This applies to wild animals as well which is why you almost never see fireworks displays in zoo’s or other nature reserves.


This new trend in using what is called “Quiet” or “Silent Fireworks” which lack the explosive bang of traditional fireworks without losing much in way of loft or colour. This is not a new invention, it is just exchanging the harder packet and metallic explosive powders for more loosely packet black powder.


Video: Quiet wedding fireworks display – Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall

By: Gala Fireworks

Source: Youtube


As seen in the above video there is still noise though it is not quite as loud as some traditional explosions. But there is still an explosion along with these light displays and even the fact checking website snopes.com has had to look into them. There is also another element to these displays that causes some concern. They still let off sparks.


In California in the depth of a drought that had wildfires ranging, in Alberta and BC during the dry season when whole communities can be lost to flames, there is another display that is becoming more popular and it doesn’t involve any explosives. Light up drone displays are a safe and silent way of lighting up the night sky in celebration. A truly silent show that disturbs no animals, hurts no little children ears, and has no risk of fire. Most famously this year was the display at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


Experience the Team in Flight at PyeongChang 2018 | Intel

By: Intel

Source: Youtube


Not only can you find such displays at Olympic events, and in states like California, but they are also happening at theme parks like Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and to smaller degrees at other local displays. In time they may replace traditional fireworks elsewhere as well.

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