Why Are Q-Tips Called Q-Tips?

Q-tips, those hygienic products that you can use for everything from ‘gently applying ointments and creams,’ to ‘cleaning and dusting even hard to reach places,’ are staples of doctor’s offices and medicine cabinets the whole world over. It’s no mystery that people often ignore the company’s warnings and use them as implements of ear-cleaning, but you know what is a mystery? What in the heck the Q means.
The product name certainly rolls off the tongue better than the generic ‘cotton swab’ name, that’s for sure. That’s because it’s a quality name. A quality name that means ‘Quality tips.’
That’s right, the Q stands for quality. Q-tips were first conceived by Leo Gerstenzang, who observed his wife stick bits of cotton to toothpicks. He decided that his wife had the right idea and decided to found the Leo Gerstenzang Infant Novelty Co. in 1923, which would manufacture ready to use cotton swabs.
Now we know.
Source: Sam Benson Smith/Readers Digest
Photo: © Provided by Trusted Media Brands, Inc.

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