Positive Sayings At Work

Feeling bored, distracted, homesick, or unfocused at work is human. Totally natural. But remaining in a slump is optional. Changing your mood isn’t necessarily easy, but there is always a way.

Here are some phrases you can say to yourself when you want to create a dramatic turnaround in your day.

If You Are Feeling Exhausted

Tell yourself:

I need to rest. I recognize that. I am going to rest as soon as I can.

But right now, I’m at work. Which means it is time to do the best that I can with the energy I’ve got.

Best effort. Right now.

If You Are Feeling Frustrated With a Colleague

Tell yourself:

I can’t always control what other people do, but I am in charge of my responses and reactions. I don’t have to let this person bring me down. I am here to deliver my best. Full speed ahead.

If You Are Feeling Invisible, Like Your Work Doesn’t Really Matter

Tell yourself:

I don’t have to be the center of attention in order to make a meaningful impact in someone else’s life.

In fact, if I help even just one human being to have a better / calmer / happier / easier day, today, because of the work that I’m doing, then today is a success.

If You Are Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed by Your Workload

Tell yourself:

I don’t have to do everything today, but I am going to do something today.

I will choose one task, right now, and commit to it with my whole heart.

If You Are Feeling Guilty Because You’ve Been Distracted or Procrastinating

Tell yourself:

Today is not over yet.

My heart is still beating. My lungs are still breathing. I am alive.

Which means it is not too late to do something creative, productive, and courageous. Today.

Not too late to behave like the person I want to be instead of continuing in a cycle of behavior that I might later regret. Today is not over yet!

What are the words that you need to hear, right now, to help you finish today on a high?

This post is in partnership with The Muse. This article was originally published on The Muse.

Source: edited from TIME

Photo: pixabay. Com – free use

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