“One Ring Scam’ targets Phones Across Canada

A scam that loads hefty fees onto your phone bill is resurfacing across Canada. The fraudsters behind the so-called “one ring scam” place calls that appear to originate overseas and hang up quickly. Curious victims return the anonymous missed call and with realizing agree to fees that get piled onto their monthly bill. The charges, which are similar to ones you would receive for calling a 1-900 number, can cost hundreds of dollars per minute. When they do call back the number , it puts you through to a pay-per-call type of scenario where there’s a cost involved to initially be connected, as well as a cost-per-minute. To stretch out the time your on line, you are often greeted by music or a pre-recorded message. The longer you are on the call the more expensive the call could end up being, sometimes $400 a minute. Blocking suspicious numbers is not enough because new numbers are created. These frauds are draining Canadian bank accounts of millions of dollars. So what should you do if you get a one ring scam, just don’t call back and save yourself a headache……Ed

Source: Jeff Lagerquist / Photo: stevepb

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