Night Views For May 27 2018

If you are someone who likes looking up at the night sky to see interesting things but hates having to stay up late to catch them; there is good news for you this weekend because you don’t have to stay up late or have a super-telescope to see the International Space Station, Venus, or Jupiter tonight!


In fact, if you have even a good pair of binoculars you might even be able to make out four of the moons of Jupiter this evening.


If you look to the West this evening around 10:05 you should see the International Space Station (ISS) in the night sky fairly close to the horizon which is also where you will find Venus this month. The two should be fairly close together. The ISS will take a few minutes to reach its highest point going from West to North East. It will appear again just before midnight.


Once you have spotted the space station you can turn to the South and find Jupiter and four of it’s moons! Tonight is the best night for viewing of this planet as it is at its closest. If you are having trouble seeing it, you should look for it near the moon. Find out more at


If you want to know more about spotting the station you should check out NASA’s page here.


Most of these should be visible for the rest of the month and into early June.

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