Next Time You Hear “500 Miles” Remember that the Tempo is Perfect for CPR!

Have you ever taken CPR training? I ran into this article which might serve as a reminder of lessons learned or to provide a basic “how to” for the uninitiated in a fun type of way. It originates from across the pond and is part of a Scottish campaign to increasing awareness of the importance of CPR.

In a video, UK TV personality Carol Smillie (star of BBC’s “Changing Rooms) appears in a video urging people to perform life-saving CPR to the beat of The Proclaimers’ anthem ‘I’m Gonna Be’ (500 Miles). Why this particular song? Not only is it timed out at 100 beats per minute which is the recommended tempo for chest compressions but the title of the song (500 miles) reminds the caregiver to keep going for the full 500 compressions. This in turn should allow time for an ambulance to arrive and paramedics to take over.

The video is part of a larger campaign, called “Save a Life for Scotland” which aims to increase the number of people trained in CPR. According to critical care nurse Lisa MacInnes “The song is perfect for this because it takes a very serious subject and presents it in a fun and light-hearted way, which makes it memorable and helps raise awareness so much faster. Ms MacInnes added: ‘We’ve already seen data suggesting 70 extra lives a year are being saved. ‘We want to reach 1,000 a year by 2020.’

The video has Smillie reminding people performing CPR to:

1 Call 911
2 Perform CPR to the beat of “500 miles” in the following manner.

a) Place the heel of your hand on the person’s breastbone at the centre of their chest with the other hand on top and interlock your fingers
b) Position your shoulders above your hands
c) Using your body weight, press down by 5-to-6cm on their chest
d) Keeping your hands on their chest, release the compression and allow their chest to return to its original position
e) Repeat these compressions at a rate of 100-to-120 per minute until an ambulance arrives.

Oh yes, and the video!

Have a look at these.






YouTubes courtesy: Save a Life for Scotland

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