New Science Says T-Rex Couldn’t Run

No matter what you think you learned from watching the 90’s movie Jurassic Park, new research from the University of Manchester says, the T-Rex was not as fast as a jeep; in fact they say it wasn’t even as fast as a man can run!


The University put forth a model that said that not only was the T-Rex not fast, once it had grown to adulthood, it couldn’t run at all and was forced to walk. Previously it had been believed that the Tyrannosaurus could manage speeds up to 75 km/h, that was then brought down to about 29 km/h in a study which was published in 2007,┬ábut this latest model puts the adult walking speed at 18km/h easily outrun by the average adult human; much less Usain Bolt’s personal best of 44.7km/h.



The problem isn’t in the stride of the great beast, it isn’t in the musculature either, it is with the bones. Scientists predict that if the T-Rex had attempted to run at all it’s bones would have shattered under the immense pressure of it’s weight.


This stunning information has scientists rethinking how the great predator would have captured its prey.


You can read more about their information on the University website.


Image and Video from University of Manchester.

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