Nasa Mission To The Sun [VIDEO]

Nasa wants to “touch the sun” and they are planning a mission to do just that. They will get a space craft closer to the sun than has ever been done before. Previously the closest we had been was in 1974 when Helios 1 had come within 45 million kilometres of the sun’s surface and Helios 2 which came within 43.4 million kilometres.



The new vessel has a plan and design that should bring it successfully within 6.4 million kilometres and then back out again. That is close enough where temperatures get up to 1,371 C. In order to do that the craft will be travelling at 692,000km/h. They have named it after a scientist who pioneered the work on Solar Winds – Eugene Parker. This is the first time NASA has named a spacecraft after a researcher who is still alive.


The sun and its atmosphere consist of several zones or layers. (NASA/Goddard)


They made the Announcement Yesterday and you can watch it here:



Video, images, and information from and NASA Youtube.

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