Mountains Of Ice Best Seen From Afar Photos And Video

Last Sunday and Monday saw very high winds creating an interesting natural phenomenon down by Lake Erie that had police along the shoreline telling people to stay back and grab their snaps from a distance. Down toward Niagara they even had to close a few roads as the ice piled up high enough to come over the guard rails and block parts of the shoulder. It was gaining quite a bit of attention as some areas of the ice piles could reach as high as 30 feet, some people thought it would be a good idea to climb up onto the ice to get a view, but authorities took effort to remind everyone that such ice is dangerous and not to be near it. These piles could be hazardous or take weeks or months to clear; especially if they must be left to mother nature to melt in their own time and will only become less stable as time goes on.


With that in mind and to stifle some urges to go and see this or similar spectacles in person here are some images and videos captured during the peak of the ice pile-up.


From the Niagara Parks Police Twitter Feed.


And this is from Instagram user Caitlyn Paigee.



Pieter van Hiel captured this video where they might have been a little too close to the action.


Twitter user drknssonthedge caught someone doing exactly what people were being instructed to avoid.



Hopefully that fills your need to see this ice for yourself or at least reminds you to keep some distance as it is unsafe to be close to ice chunks that are the size of a small car.


Image from Niagara Parks Police Twitter.

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