Maverick, the House Painting Robot!

Last week we were talking about the impact of robots and solutions to help you around the house. There are solutions to help to help you to do chores like vacuum, and also to do your ironing. Outside, in the back yard, while you supervise, a robotic helping hand mows the grass methodically and never asks for an allowance increase. The work is done cheerfully on demand, while you lie in your hammock and supervise.  It’s a good life, isn’t it?

Well this week, say hello to a new robotic friend named “Maverick”! Thanks to some clever geeks from the University of Waterloo, automated house painting is on the horizon.

The project is called “M.I.S.T” or mobile intelligent spraying technologies. The good news? You may never have to paint your own walls again. M.I.S.T involves a platform, arm, and spray system. “Maverick” first maps the room and then rolls around, hitting spots that are supposed to be painted and avoiding spots that aren’t. Obviously you’re going to want to tape up some spots but for the most part Maverick will blast your walls with a few layers of paint in the time it would take you to go down to the paint store. If this sounds good to you then the team is welcoming investors to take the project to the next step. Have a look at their video here (click on the down arrow in the middle of the screen)

And if you like what you see, check out some of the other projects that the Waterloo geek team is working on! With any luck we will have weekends completely to ourselves in the next few years.

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