March 6, 2017 – Jewel Joke Of The Day

A chicken went into the library and up to the front desk.

He says to the librarian – ‘ book book book’  (cluck like a chicken)

The librarian hands him three books and the chicken leaves the library

About 15 minutes later, the chicken comes back, puts the books on the desk

and says to the librarian ‘book book book’

The librarian, surprised that he returned so quickly hands him three more books.

The chicken leaves the library but then returns again about 15 minutes later, put the books on the desk and says to the librarian

‘book book book’

This happens another two times.

 When it happens the fifth time, the librarian hands him the next three books, then decides to follow him when he leaves to see what the situation is.

The chicken leaves the library and the librarian follows him down the road, over the hill, around to the pond, where the chicken meets up with a frog

The chicken says ‘book book book’ and hands the frog the three books, the frog looks at the chicken and says ‘readit readit readit’ 

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