The Man Who Could Eat Almost Anything

We all have our talents, but some simply aren’t celebrated as much as they deserve to be. World-class actors, athletes, and writers are held up as heroes, but what about Michel Lotito? He ate an airplane! Michel was born Grenoble, France. From the age of nine, he developed an unusual tolerance for—and fondness for—eating dangerous objects like glass and metal, which are generally indigestible. Fortunately, for him, doctors soon determined that he had an incredibly resilient digestive system, with a super thick stomach lining and intestines. As a result, he could “safely” consume just about anything. And so an incredible career was launched. Over the course of his gastric career, his diet included 18 bicycles, seven TV sets, two beds, 15 supermarket trolleys, a computer, a coffin (handles and all), a pair of skis and six chandeliers. The in 1978 he took on his biggest challenge, he ate an entire Cessna 150 airplane. That is to say, he began eating it in 1978, because it was a laborious piece-by-piece process that took two years. His diet did not give him a long life, he passed away at age 57 in 2007. He did leave behind an incredible legacy with one of the most unusual diets ever recorded in the world. Although he could consume glass, metal and plastics he had a hard time consuming soft foods such as bananas and hard-boiled eggs. It is estimated that Michel had eaten nearly nine tons of metal…..Ed
Source: Chris Littlechild / Photo: Ranald Mackechnie

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