Man, Couch, Car. What Could Go Wrong ? [Video]

Never underestimate the inventiveness or stupidity of some.  Of course logically it may make sense to this guy to put weight on the couch to hold it down, but physics doesn’t work that way.  I wonder what the OPP or city police would have to say about this.


A shocked driver on an Ohio road captured video of a couch being moved on top of an SUV — with a person perched atop the vehicle to hold it still.

The video shows an SUV with a couch balanced on the roof and a person crouched on top of the vehicle holding onto both the couch and the vehicle’s roof rack.

The filmer can be heard expressing shock at the scene, which unfolded on Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton.

“This is not real!” the filmer says. “But it is! I feel like I’m being punked!”


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