The Man and His $1.5 Million Blanket is Burning Through His New Found Wealth

A man who was down on his luck and living in a shack in California got a new lease on life when he discovered an old blanket that belonged to his grandmother was worth $1.5million. Loren Krytzer was living off disability checks when he walked into a California auction room and came out a millionaire, thanks to the rare Navajo blanket that was almost thrown out after his grandmother died. But now, he is finding that the unexpected windfall has brought its own challenges. He wasted no time buying a new home, large truck, muscle car, dune buggy, custom motorcycle and a cruise to Mexico, he also invested in real estate, stocks and bonds. Since the windfall, he no longer receives disability payments and that means zero money coming in. He now has family and distant relatives asking for a cut of the cash, his sister is even suing for a portion of the profits. With the money fast disappearing and the expenses they now have to sell the house and move, and Loren is considering looking for a job. He still credits the sale of the blanket for saving his life……Ed

Source: Zack Guzman / Photo:LorenKrytzer

Posted in All Stories, Ed McMahon

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