Lunchtime Trivia Tuesday, January 9

Q: According to this study, if you do this, you are 50% less likely to get a promotion at work. What is it?

A: Work from home.


The study included workers from CTrip, the largest travel agency in Shanghai, China, with approximately 16,000 employees. For nine months, more than 500 of these employees were allowed to work from home for four days out of a work week. In the study, workers who decided to stay at home or come into the office had the same workload.

The researchers found that the participants who worked from home were actually 13 percent more productive when compared to people who came into the office. They worked more minutes per shift and conducted more calls per minute. Altogether, employees who stayed at home were happier, because they were able to work at times that were best for them. For example, some people are early birds whereas others are late owls, meaning they are most productive depending on their biological clock or when their brains work the best.   Source Article

Original Stanford University study



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