Lunchtime Trivia Thursday, January 10

Q:  This study has found that 40% of couples fight over this regularly.   What is it?

A:  How to load the dishwasher.


And now along comes another study from Bosch, the high-end dishwasher people, saying that more than 40% of couples fight over how to load the dishwasher.

A recent study out of Norway shows that divorce rates there are about 50% higher among couples who shared the housework. That’s compared with those in which women did most of the chores.


  1. 61% fight over whether dishes should be pre-rinsed or not

  2. 41% clash about separating dishes or cramming as much as possible to tackle a larger load

  3. 39% argue over placing sharp knives point down or point up

  4. 34% insist on placing cups on the top rack and plates on the bottom rack while their mate believes it’s every dish for themselves

  5. 30% debate about placing plastic containers on the top rack to prevent a major plastic meltdown, or placing containers wherever space is available


Survey source


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