Lunchtime Trivia Thursday, August 23

Q: Although our body is hardwired for this, and many of us do this regularly, it is not healthy.  What is it?

A:  Late night snacking.

One reason for this is fluctuation in the hormone cortisol, which tells the liver to release sugar into the blood. Because we don’t need as much energy at night, cortisol levels decrease, telling our bodies that it’s time to go to sleep—when we stay awake, though, we’re driven to compensate for the resulting blood-sugar drop by eating food. But what’s bad for our modern-day waistlines may have had an evolutionary benefit, said the authors of the Obesity study: Because the body burns fewer calories at night, the urge to consume more of them in later hours may have helped our ancestors stay nourished when food was scarce.


Source Article The Atlantic


Image Wikimedia  

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