Lunchtime Trivia Friday, November 30

In Lunchtime Trivia Today we touched on a subject that always has many asking questions: the topic of health. This afternoon we posed the following puzzler: This research found that having this can help ward off disease including possibly even cancer.  What is it?


The answer was not one many people really had in mind when the hour began. Fantastic answers and advice like cleanliness, diet, exercise, mindset and all sorts of food related home remedies were offered up. But the answer was figured by a few clever listeners.


In fact; according to this research a Large Family can be beneficial to one’s health.


“Countries with greater family size have lower cancer risk in both females, and especially males. Our results seem to suggest that it may be worthwhile further examining correlations between family size and cancer risk in males and females through the cohort and case-control studies based on large samples.”



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