Long Time Fan Might See Team Win Again

The Boston Red Sox are leading one interesting World Series over the L.A. Dodgers 3 games to 1 and are on the edge of another title win with one of their oldest fans watching. After the first game ended in Boston’s favour 8 to 4 and the second 4 to 2, it seemed that it might be a blow out series; but then the series moved to LA and the Dodgers managed to outlast the Red Sox in one of the longest games in Major League Baseball history!


It was the longest game ever recorded in a World Series at 18 innings, beating the previous record of 14 which was shared by three games. (Kansas City Royals vs NY Mets in 2015, Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros in 2005, and Boston Red Sox vs Brooklyn Robins in 1916.) But not only was it the longest in innings but also the longest in time at 7 hours and 20 minutes officially, beating the previous record of 5 hours and 41 minutes (That same 2005 game between the White Sox and Astros), which made it a grueling affair that saw the Dodgers edge out a 3-2 win to make the series 2-1 for Boston. Though that game did fall shy of being the longest game in Major League history; that record is still held by the, 25 innings, 8 hours and 6 minutes, 1984 Chicago White Sox vs Milwaukee Brewers game.


But even that herculean effort was not enough to stop the Red Sox from taking game 4 in LA by a score of 9 to 6 on Saturday. So now the series sits with the Boston Red Sox one win away from adding to their historic accolades. And there is one fan who might be more excited about this than most, as she was around when the Red Sox played the Robins in 1916 and won that series; though she was just a baby. The 102-year-old Mary Latowski was unable to make it to game one in Boston, though she was there for game 2, and what was it that kept her home? Mary was recovering from a stroke she had had 3 weeks earlier. But this dedicated Red Sox fan wasn’t going to let that stop her from cheering on a team she has been a fan of for 90 years!



According to the Boston Globe she was born on Valentine’s Day in 1916 when Babe Ruth was with the team, she became a fan at 12 years old, and stuck with them through their 86-year-drought of title wins. How she must have felt when they finally won again in 2004. She spent game 2 behind home plate for the first time with 3 generations of her family by her side and she might have a chance to see them win another World Series, if the Dodgers hold on for one more game then the series will return to Boston on Tuesday. Though it is certain Mary would be perfectly happy for them to take the title Sunday night in LA; game starts at 8:15 pm ET.


Image from Jeff Haring on Twitter

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