Like to put your feet up on the dashboard? Think again!

Audra Tatum, 31 year-old mum of 3, was travelling with her husband Nick and their 10 year old daughter a couple of summers ago.
There were doing about 70 km/hr on a country road in Georgia when a car swerved right in front of them.  Audra had her legs crossed, with her feet up on the dashboard, when Nick collided head-on into the driver’s side of the other car. While the impact of the crash was on the driver’s side, Nick and his daughter survived with only scratches and bruises, the air-bag threw Audra’s foot into her face, breaking her nose, ankle and four parts of her femur.

The local fire crew responding to the scene maintained that she might have gotten off easy; saying that force of an airbag can send your knees through your eye sockets.

Today Audra’s goal is to help educate folks about the dangers of her simple mistake.

The full story is here:




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